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LouvreTec has 12 different widths of Sun Louvre blades for you to choose from for your project. They start at a Mini 40mm wide Sun Louvre Blade and go through to our largest Louvre blade size being our Maxi 600mm wide blade. Sizes are available in between.

Each Sun Louvre blade has been created to function with a choice of motorised, hand adjustable or fixed systems.

A customised look, contemporary aesthetics and function are provided when you incorporate a Sun Louvre system by Lovuretec to your project.

Features & Benefits:

  •     Choose from 12 different sized Sun Louvre Blades
  •     What do you want your Sun Louvre blades to be able to do?  Choose from 6 Multi-functional options including fully automated, hand adjustable, sliding,     bracket or fixed in place.
  •     Design for sun, wind, privacy and security control
  •     Control Light, the tempearture and ventilation when you install a Sun Louvre system by LouvreTec.
  •     Boost the aesthetics of your home or building
  •     LouvreTec Sun Louvres are all aluminium for durability which is a real benefit for locations close to the beach.
  •     All LouvreTec products are fully engineered & backed by our product warranty.
  •     Sun Louvre Systems by LouvreTec can easily  be retro-fitted to your home or building or otherwise included in a completely new build.
  •     Bespoke to your requirements
  •     An array of powdercoated or anodised colours and textures are available to choose from.
  •     Your choice of LouvreTec frame.
  •     LouvreTec is available country wide through our Authorised Dealer network.
  •     LouvreTec has a Maintenance department for after sales service.
  •     Our Sales team offers no obligatin site visits and quotations.
  •     Installation is by qualified LouvreTec Installers.




With a Sun Louvre System by LouvreTec you can enjoy sun, rain, wind & privacy control.  We want you to enjoy your setting.
What type of Sun Louvre system do you require?

Use the chart below to find out what type of system is available to function your size of Louvre Blade.

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